Our digital ecodesign policy, a commitment that matter for you and for us !

Icone écoconception

What’s ecodesign by the way ?

Ecodesign is a designing method which aim to reduce environmental impact by using ways to minimise resources consumption during the economic chain. All steps of a product lifecycle are concerned by this aspect.

Our objective is to provide next generations an healthy planet

Climatic changes became a reality to millions people around the world. As a result, all media and politicians talk about it. Some companies also do it with a marketing and ethic purpose. Reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction of waste or consumption of electricity are highlighted. However, software is almost always excluded from these reflections. In facts data centers are flourishing everywhere, exceeding 5% of global electricity consumption. Paradoxically, it is mainly the management of side effects that gives rise to innovations. Some propose to immerse them to not heat the atmosphere (but it heats the sea !) others invent radiators based on processors…

The craze for digital is present more than ever. So we blindly focus on performance while forgetting the environmental aspect.

Why it seems normal to consume organic for our health and for the planet while when it comes to using its applications on smartphone or computer, we do not think about the environmental impact at all ? It seems that their use is perceived as “virtual” and therefore “unlimited”. However, the resources mobilized are not ! It’s important to know that in this world where information overwhelms us, it can have disastrous consequences for our world of tomorrow.

Digital overconsumption got real consequences:

– Depletion of deposits in materials

– Wars for resources

– Increase of waste in electrical and electronic equipment

– Energy consumption

– Contribution to the increase of greenhouse gases

– And much more..

How does Pricecomparator commit to reducing the environmental impact of its solutions ?

Our approach is innovative because it’s totally preventive ! Instead of managing the millions of calories produced by the Big Data calculations of our solutions, we are thinking of producing as little as possible from day one. With each new version of Windows or your favorite video game, the new opus requires an ever more powerful machine. Profits derived are rarely proportional. Yet this usually requires changing computer, smartphone or tablet. Which leads to a crazy race to waste! By seeking to save resources from the design stage, we are talking about ecodesign. We can reduce the negative impacts of our software over their entire life cycle, while retaining their qualities of use (strong user aspect). Because our vision is long-term, the environmental aspect is entirely in the process of development of our digital tools.

Our company is committed to CSR since its beginning. Indeed, we are aware of having an impact on the world of tomorrow. At Pricecomparator, we are convinced and actors to make it as small as possible. This is why we have joined clean programs like “GreenConcept” and that ADEME trusts us. 

Plus, as soon as we recruit, we take care to hire highly qualified developers. The goal is to meet cross-functional, technological and environmental requirements.

Some frequents questions asked by our developers:

Why should I use more and more lines codes instead of one ?

Why should I scrap 1.000.000 data while my client only needs one ?

What’s the point to use australian servers while my client is in France ?

By using our software solutions you reduce your environmental impact. We take the lead so that you outperform your competitors in a more respectful world, so thank you for your trust.

Progress is on the way and we have to build it in a reasoned way !