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Pricecomparator is the french outstanding price monitoring solution in B2B on the sports sector. The SaaS provides companies with an online responsive dashboard that can be used to monitor the catalog, prices and inventory of a competitor’s or reseller’s products. Pricecomparator was founded in 2014 by the marketing agency BSWEB. Company is located in the heart of the ecosystem of Montpellier 3M, south of France. 

Pricecomparator has also been incubated for one year in the second world’s best leading startup incubator, Montpellier BIC for its innovative and comparative business solution. Pricecomparator was awarded first prize at the 2015 Connec’Sud Innovation Award. The solutions offered by PriceComparator are all designed to provide an optimal user experience, while taking into account an ecodesign method, by taking care of environmental aspects in the development and marketing of innovative software of the business.

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